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What Is an Activator Adjustment and Why Would I Want It?

activatorIf you’re curious about different approaches to spinal health, you may have come across the Activator adjustment technique. With a rich history and a robust scientific foundation, this chiropractic method offers a unique and effective way to address spinal misalignments. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Activator adjustments, shedding light on their purpose, process, and potential benefits.

What is an Activator adjustment?

The Activator technique is a 50-year-old chiropractic technique in which the chiropractor uses a handheld, spring-loaded instrument to adjust spinal misalignments effectively and comfortably. It is the most evidence-based technique in the world, and it is based on analysis of leg length changes and specific arm and head movement patterns.

What does the Activator do?

Chiropractic revolves around the idea that spinal joint dysfunction disrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system.

If a chiropractor practices with more of a spinal joint dysfunction emphasis, they will likely adjust using a manual technique in which they thrust multiple times in an area to move the bone or increase spinal mobility — kind of like using a hammer to break something free.

If the chiropractor practices with more of a nerve interference emphasis, they will use an Activator instrument to provide a single precise thrust in an area to reset the nervous system or restore spinal balance — kind of like pressing the reset button on an electrical outlet.

What will I experience?

During an Activator adjustment session, you’ll lie face-down in a comfortable position, allowing your postural muscles to relax. The chiropractor will carefully analyze your feet, arm, and head movements to determine where adjustments are needed. This thorough assessment ensures that each adjustment is tailored to your specific requirements.

Many people report feeling lighter, less stressed, and more mobile right away after the first adjustment, however, for some, it can take a few adjustments to feel significant change

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