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Meet the Team at Harbourfront Chiropractic

Dr. Suzanne Bober and her team of health care professionals are committed to helping you and your family enjoy optimal wellness.

Munima Munadeen

Munima Munadeen – Chiropractic Exam Tech

Munima graduated from University of Toronto in 2020 with an honours degree in Human Biology and Microbiology. She is passionate about being part of the healing process, and her favourite part of the day at Harbourfront Chiropractic is seeing the joy of recovery. Munima hopes to improve healthcare infrastructure through education in the areas that need it most, and plans to pursue a career in integrative medicine. In her free time, she enjoys horror films, ancient history, and extremely spicy food!


Suzy Yeh – Chiropractic Exam Tech

Suzy moved from Edmonton to Toronto to attend the Radiation Therapy program at the Michener Institute/University of Toronto. She has a passion for oncology and joined the team at Harbourfront Chiropractic to further her role in the recovery process for others. She strives to uplift those around her through her natural compassion and kindness, and in her free time she enjoys baking, reading, and spending time with her dog!

Quinty Bos

Quinty Bos- Chiropractic Exam Tech

Quinty moved to Toronto from the Netherlands in 2023 to take on a new adventure and continue her studies. She is looking to get into biomedical engineering. She would love to make a contribution to the public health and help people feel better in any way that she can. In her free time she loves to bake, cook and workout. Quinty loves engaging with others and finds it important to always be kind to the people around her.

Jaime J.

Jaime Boychuk – Chiropractic Front Tech

Jaime recently moved to Toronto from Windsor, ON. She is currently enrolled in a Medical Office Assistant program with triOS College. She enjoys engaging with patients and ensuring they have a great experience here at Harbourfront Chiropractic. In her free time, Jaime loves spending quality time with her family, finding new restaurants to try and exploring this big exciting city.

Lacy Janisse

Lacy Janisse – Chiropractic Front Tech

Lacy moved from Windsor to Toronto and is attending York University for Business Commerce. She enjoys being a part of a caring team whose focus is on the wellbeing of the community at Harbourfront Chiropractic. In her free time, she enjoys reading, exploring the city and spending time with her two dogs.

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