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Meet Dr. Suzanne Bober

Discovering the Benefits of Chiropractic

Dr. Suzanne Bober“I spent my teenage years as a competitive Highland dancer, traveling all over the world to compete. Over the years, the cumulative high-impact trauma started to cause lower leg pain that eventually became debilitating.

Over many months, various doctors and therapists gave conflicting advice and treatments with no relief. Then a family friend recommended a chiropractor, and with nowhere else to turn, I had a consultation and began care. The chiropractor determined the cause of my pain and provided a solution: chiropractic adjustments to a poorly aligned pelvis. Not only did the pain disappear, but I was able to return to the active life I loved as a dance teacher and runner.

I became inspired to learn how I too could help to restore the lives of others through addressing what was standing in their way. It was then that I began my journey at the University of Guelph, attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics and biomedical science. I then earned my Doctorate in Chiropractic at National College of Chiropractic in Chicago in 2000. I later completed my Fellowship in Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. My experience also includes working as a chiropractor at Chelmsford Chiropractic Clinic in the United Kingdom for more than three years and teaching at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.”

Women of Influence logoHelping Others – From the Inside Out

For Dr. Bober, who experienced physicians routinely prescribing pain and anti-inflammatory medication, giving patients alternative ways to enhance their wellbeing is what she is passionate about.


Enjoying Time Outside of the Office

Dr. Bober and her husband enjoy their very active family life with their two children and their dog, Gus. They enjoy hiking, running, mountain biking, skiing and are learning to surf, to maintain their vitality. One of her favorite local charities is the World Wildlife Foundation, as it supports our passion of helping to enhance the wellbeing of our wildlife population and thus our environment. As a team, Harbourfront Chiropractic participates in the CN Tower Climb to help raise funds.

If you want to enjoy better health starting today, call Harbourfront Chiropractic and schedule an appointment with Dr. Bober.

Dr. Suzanne Bober | (416) 260-0082