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Strength Training - How Spinal Alignment Influences Your Power

Stress, Anxiety and Back PainWhether through a HIIT class, powerlifting, pilates or simply lifting weights in your own home, strength training continues to trend strongly this year. More and more people are aspiring to become a stronger version of themselves, so that they can feel better and look good. Strength training also plays a central role in another trending area – a focus on holistic health – wellness, recovery, longevity, and mental health.

However, sometimes back pain can stop you from progressing in your strength program, or stop you training altogether, leaving you feeling stuck. One of the most common causes of back pain, is a misalignment in your spine and/or pelvis. If you have lifted weights for any length of time, you know that both alignment and balance in your body, otherwise known as good form, are essential if you want to progress to heavier weights successfully and continue without pain. Spinal misalignments most commonly form over time due to stress, poor sitting postures and substandard form while scaling up your workout routine.

Your spine’s function has a profound effect on the way your brain can produce strength in your muscles. A New Zealand research study showed a 16 percent increase in leg muscle strength immediately following a single spinal adjustment, as well as prevention of fatigue developed during maximal contractions. Another research study showed increased levels of muscle growth factor (MGF) following a single spinal adjustment using the Activator instrument. Pair these profound effects on muscle tissue performance with the benefit of a more balanced skeletal foundation to build from, and your ability to generate power skyrockets.

At Harbourfront Chiropractic we help you to get back in balance by adjusting spinal misalignments to reduce pain while simultaneously increasing function. We are your trusted partner in attaining wellness and inspiring better!

Suzanne Bober, BSc (HK), BS, DC, FCCPOR(C)


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