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Massage Therapy for Toronto

Harbourfront Chiropractic offers therapeutic massage therapy related to pain and stress relief, as well as prenatal massage and rehabilitation massage.

Massage Can Be The First Step

Massage Therapy at Toronto Chiropractor

Our registered massage therapists work intuitively, with a sense of spirit and connection to each individual.

If you’re unsure if chiropractic is for you, you may want to consider seeing one of our massage therapist first. Both Wei Yu and Ria Piperopoulos, our registered massage therapists, are experienced and dedicated, and ready to help you find relief from aches and pains. If they feel you could later benefit from chiropractic, they will refer you to Dr. Bober.

Schedule an appointment with our massage therapists by calling (416) 260-0082.

Massage Therapy in Downtown Toronto | (416) 260-0082